Welcome to Cries from the Closet

Hello Everybody:  Thank you for reading my blog. I created this blog to help educate the LGBT community. I want to help shed light on issues from today, yesterday and tomorrow. I also wanted to remember  some of fallen brothers and sisters . I will share interviews and personal testimonies from myself as well as others.


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  1. David

    I am a married guy with 3 kids I read done if the testimonies and am going through so much of the very same thing I been married 18 years and just haven’t had the guts to face my reality my kids think I am the best dad ever my wife is a good person I just don’t want to hurt anyone but at the end of the day I am hurting and just cry myself to sleep so many night I am tired of living like this I am at the point to just tell my mom and then my wife I did tell her 5 years ago that I was bi but far from that I want and need a man every time I say I am going to do it I think of my 4 year old son he it like my shoes I can’t go anywhere with out him he is with me 90 % of the time I just can’t imagine not being able to hug him and kiss him ever day and be with him all day long and at night he wants me to be in bed to sleep with him it is killing me to the point that I have to talk myself into getting up in the morning to go to work I don’t even want to leave my room thanks for this blog it has given me some hope

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